About Me

I’m Michael Mozdy. A lifelong Catholic, I am a member of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Newman Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. I received a Masters in American Studies in 1999 and currently work as a professional writer at the University of Utah. I am professed for three years to the Third Order Dominicans, aka the Lay Dominicans, after which time I will decide whether to become “life professed.” 

More important than all of this, I am married to a fantastic woman with whom I am blessed to spend my life and I have two children on either side of 20. My first vocation is husband and father, but as the kids have grown and I have explored my own relationship with God, I’ve felt drawn into closer and closer communion with Him. After much reading, book clubs, discussion, and expansion of my music ministry beyond the familiar stuff I’d been doing for decades, I had a turning point. My wife and I spent an amazing weekend at the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert. With nothing to fill our days but chant and prayer, we discovered how much it filled us and just felt right. We came back to Salt Lake City and started daily chanted Lauds and Vespers at St. Ambrose parish close to our home and decided to start the discernment period of the Lay Dominican formation.

This blog is simply a place for me to share my thoughts on the readings of the day, other writers I’ve read, and my personal journey.

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